Crump uses Ricky Baker’s narrative point to give an authentic New Zealand voice to the story.He does this by using new zealand slang,idioms,metaphors and incomplete sentences and by using this language it makes this feel and sound more new zealand and paint a better picture of the character in the readers head.He has also showed that this is new zealand story by talking about social welfare which is a new zealand institution. Examples of Barry Crump using slang words and incomplete sentences. ‘like hell’ and ‘true’ are both incomplete sentences and the effects of using these is to backup and emphasis what uncle hec and ricky baker had been saying before.Barry Crump also uses idioms such as ‘getting on my nerves’ which the effects of this is making this story sound and feel more like a New Zealand book because this is how we New Zealanders speak on a daily basis. Aunt Bella also refers to Ricky as a ‘lamb’ which is a metaphor and this shows her love and warmth for ricky baker compared to uncle hec who calls him ‘fat’.To me i think that barry crump uses this language to show that he comes and lives an New Zealand and to show that this book is based in New Zealand out in the whops whops.

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