1st June 2018

The dark horse

In the film “The Dark Horse” directed by James Napier Robertson The character of genesis potini who is played by Cliff Curtis. He is the lead character of the film and is last seen in the scene at the party. In this scene, the protagonist comes face to face with one of the antagonists. In this scene, James shows hate between the two characters by using techniques such as different types of lighting, camera angles, lots of profanity which would be dialogue and natural sound.

Robertson uses lighting techniques such as low-key lighting which is mainly used in thriller and horror movies. By using this technique it makes this scene feel more intimidating and eerie. The only thing that is being lit up is the gang members faces which makes them feel and look more dominant. In this scene, they also use backlighting which is used to produce a silhouette of the character the lighting is behind. Backlighting is commonly used to add a more dramatic effect to scenes it is used in. The effect of using this technique to the viewer is making the viewer more frightened of this scene. Robertson also uses camera angles such as high angle shots. These shots are used to show the dominance in characters in a scene. In this specific scene, Robertson uses a high angle shot to show mana and genesis lacking in power and suggesting vulnerability of the two characters. Also, Robertson uses a low angle shot which is in the perspective of mana to show that the gang members are more dominant and have more power than them. The effect on the viewer is from using this technique and using the high angle shot it also makes the viewer feel more submissive to the character Mutt.

Another technique used by Robertson is natural sound to help furthermore set the scene and help show where the scene is located. By using natural sound which was the music playing at the party which makes the viewer feel like that are at the place of the scene. There is also another part of the scene where Genesis is whacked by the gang member you can hear the natural sound of his fist hitting his face which makes the scene feel more realistic. The effect on the viewer is by using this technique the viewer feels bad for Genisis and makes the viewer pity him. Another technique that Robertson uses in this scene is dialogue. In this scene the gang member that is stopping Genisis from leaving uses profanity to furthermore scare them into staying. He also uses this dialogue instead of physical fighting because the gang leader is watching him confront Genisis and he is his brother and doesn’t want to see him get hurt. The effect of this technique on the viewer is from using dialogue it adds to the violent atmosphere of this film.

In conclusion, I think Robertson uses camera angles, dialogue, natural sound, and lighting to furthermore help show that the movie The Dark Horse is a very sad, disturbing and intense film. These techniques all come together in harmony to show the hate between Mutt and Genisis when they confront each other in one of the final scenes. To me, I think Robertson uses these techniques to the highest standard to make the film become one of the highest ranking films out of all the New Zealand films made.

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  1. In your first main paragraph, you need to ensure you include the effect of the use of the technique on the viewer.


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