9th April 2018


  1. Describe at least one important technique used in the written text.Explain how the technique created an emotional response in you

Barry Crump uses a lot of different important techniques during the novel. there are three important events that happen during this book.When he goes to live on the farm, when aunty Bella dies and when he goes bush.Barry uses lots of different techniques during these times such as narrative point of view, colloquial language, and new Zealand references. He uses these techniques to make the reader feel a variety of emotions.The emotions I felt during the moment when aunty Bella died is feeling bad for Ricky and wondering what is going to happen next.

One of the most important techniques Barry Crump uses is the narrative point of view.By Barry Crump using this he puts the reader in the main characters shoes and helps the reader feel the emotions felt by the main character which in this case is Ricky Baker.A quote using this technique would be ‘my proper name is Ricky Morehu baker but they always call me Ricky’. The writer also uses this so the reader will feel closer to Ricky so that when big events such as when Aunty Bella dies the reader will flood with remorse for Ricky.When I read this part of the book I felt remorse for Ricky just as the writer would want.In my opinion, I feel this technique if used right can be very powerful and make the reader feel a variety of emotions

Another very important technique used by Barry Crump is colloquial language.He uses this throughout the book and sometimes quite heavily in some parts of the book.Barry Crump used this technique when aunty Bella died and Ricky is trying to stay and live with uncle hec by himself.An example of this is quote ‘No mate sit down there’s something I haven’t told u yet’.In this sentence, he uses colloquial language to make the reader know this book is based in New Zealand and can better help the reader relate to the New Zealand life by hearing the informal but rather humorous way we speak.To me, Barry Crump has used this language very well to show the way New Zealand talks and to better show our culture

New Zealand references help the reader gain more knowledge about New Zealand and make the reader know where the book is based.By Barry crump using references to New Zealand such as Maori place names and the names of native birds, he helps the reader know where the book is based and furthermore paints a better picture of where they are in the reader’s mind.An example of using New Zealand references is when Barry crumps say the names of places such as ‘ureweras’. By Barry crumps using New Zealand references he greatly increases the knowledge of the reader for New Zealand and teaches the reader some Maori place names.

In conclusion, Barry Crumps has used important techniques such asĀ narrative point of view, colloquial language, and new Zealand references to help the reader paint a better picture in their mind and gives the reader more knowledge about New Zealand.In my opinion by Barry Crump using these techniques, he triggered a variety of emotional responses that made the book become easier to read because I was enjoying it.




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