31st August 2018

New Zealand’s social issues are shown through the eyes of young Maori boys in the movie boy which was directed by Taika waititi, the dark horse which was directed by James Napier Robertson and shown through the texts the yellow brick road which was written by witi ihimaera and wild pork and watercress, by Barry Crump. Backgrounds of gang life, racism, poverty, violence and dysfunctional adults which leave their kids to fend for themselves. But we can see with positive role models and support these boys can reach their potential but with negative role models, they cannot. Other features seen in the text are the typical rural New Zealand settings, colloquial language and the kiwi humor used by the characters.

The film boy directed by taika waititi shows the theme “ New zealand’s social issues are shown through the characters young maori boys”.The character boy who’s real name is alamein shows backgrounds of gang life and dysfunctional adults as his dad is in gang called the crazy horses which are known for stealing household items as these are the gifts that they gave to boy and his brother.His dad is also violent toward boy as seen in a scene where he rips the jacket off of him and tells boy to get lost.His dad is also a alcoholic and in one scene he gives some beer to boy ’man that’s pretty old for your first sip’ In this movie taika waititi shows us that boys dad is not there for him and that boy needs to fend for himself as his dad is more focused and his gang and the lost money than boy.Because of boys dad failing and boy realizing that his father is not the cool, positive role model he thought he was he can not reach the potential the headmaster told him about. Boy was even let down by the adults as he asked many significant questions about what potential means and none of the adults answered him. He only found out what potential means when he looked the word up in the dictionary.

The film dark horse directed by james napier shows the theme “ New zealand’s social issues are shown through the characters young maori boys”. The character Mana is the son of a senior gang member.This means Mana is surrounded by gang life and his dysfunctional dad. Mana’s dad has let him down as he isn’t there for him and because he gives him p to another gang member who pisses on him to toughen him up ‘Boys all yours now toughen him up’ Said by Mana’s dad. Because of Mana’s dad letting him down Genisis his uncle has adopted the idea of trying to be the better role model for mana. When mana joins the chest club it gives him a sense of family. And being given a chest piece that represents him gives him a sense of belonging. Mana’s adopted family is solely focused on being a source of stability for all the boys that are having the same issues as mana. Mana is let down from his real family but with the help genisis has managed to find a better more stable family. Because of this family he is able to escape the gang life and be brought up in a better environment

The short story the yellow brick road written by witi ihimaera shows the theme “ New zealand’s social issues are shown through the characters young maori boys”. The character Matiu is travelling with his family to wellington to start a new and better life.But on the way he finds out what the pakeha really think of maoris.This short story shows the issue of urbanisation as this maori family is moving to the city in hope of a better life when really they will end up with low paying jobs and in a old rundown house or apartment.This story also shows racism towards the maori family when a driver from another car shouts at them ‘Oh what’s the use you Maoris are all the same dumb bloody horis’. But Matiu has his father who has proven to be a good role model as he is trying to get the best life for his family.

The novel wild pork and watercress written by barry crump shows the theme  “New zealand’s social issues are shown through the characters young maori boys”. The character ricky baker has been in and out with the social welfare system. He has been to homes where he has misbehaved and been sent back to an orphanage and now he has been moved to a home out in the country. Ricky had a friend who was moved from home to home until she died .’You know, sometimes in life it seems like there’s no way out. Like a sheep trapped in a maze designed by wolves’.And in this occasion the only way out of the maze was death. This shows how dysfunctional the social welfare system is as the children are stuck in a never ending loop going from house to house until they have end up dead or are lucky enough to survive until there 18.But with ricky going to the country he has new opportunities as he has a new loving auntie and is giving purpose by his auntie giving him a dog which he has to look after.
In conclusion the four New Zealand text that I have read and the movies I have watched I think New zealand still has a long way to go before it really truly fixes the problems faced by young people.All the texts that I have read include Backgrounds of gang life, racism, poverty,violence and dysfunctional adults which in the end leave their kids to fend for themselves. If it wasn’t for a better role model who came into their lives at the perfect time and managed to help turn these kids lives around and help these kids find their potential that have been looking for.

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