9th March 2018

milking before dawn



a)Because the cows are asleep and not moving and they are shiny like rocks and also black like mos rocks

b)simile This is a simile because they used as or they and the effect of this is i see cows curled up sleeping wit water landing on them then dispersing over the cow giving it a shiny texture


2 The shed is an island of light and warmth this is referring to the shed as beacon showing of light all around it and being nice and cozy inside where people outside can seek refuge just like an island if someone swimming they can seek refuge on an island


3 The evidence of rain has been completely wiped away forever and will not be seen again until it rains again just like you wont see baby’s tears again until he cries


4 Because she likes the animals and the scenery at her farm and how calm it is on her farm compared to the busy life in the city where everyone rushes everywhere and the only animals you see are dogs and the only nature you see is grass.

5 Analysis of techniques used

Milking before dawn is poem by ruth dallas that is about a life of a farmer comparing herself to someone from the city.The poem is set in 1st person and the point of view from the farmer is she is saying how much harder it is to be a farmer but still wouldn’t change to go live in the city.There is no colloquial language throughout this story.She describes senses like ‘ the smell of the soil’ and ‘ hearing only the beat’ they use these sentences to better paint a picture she uses onomatopoeia and repetition¬† to show the repetition of the beat of the beat of the machines

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  1. (Not first person point-of-view)


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