New Zealand’s social issues are shown through the eyes of young Maori boys in the movie boy which was directed by Taika waititi, the dark horse which was directed by James Napier Robertson and shown through the texts the yellow brick road which was written by witi ihimaera and wild pork and watercress, by Barry […]

In the film “The Dark Horse” directed by James Napier Robertson The character of genesis potini who is played by Cliff Curtis. He is the lead character of the film and is last seen in the scene at the party. In this scene, the protagonist comes face to face with one of the antagonists. In […]

Describe at least one important technique used in the written text.Explain how the technique created an emotional response in you Barry Crump uses a lot of different important techniques during the novel. there are three important events that happen during this book.When he goes to live on the farm, when aunty Bella dies and when […]

How is the setting used to show the failings of the judicial and state care systems? The school is because ricky found out that slim white boys are easier to deal with than fat maori boys. Also the state care put him with his mum who married a man and step dads have been renowned […]

Crump uses Ricky Baker’s narrative point to give an authentic New Zealand voice to the story.He does this by using new zealand slang,idioms,metaphors and incomplete sentences and by using this language it makes this feel and sound more new zealand and paint a better picture of the character in the readers head.He has also showed […]

This story is told in a first person point of view from the young boy whose name is ricky baker.This gives us the perspective of a young maori boy,with is unique intellect and sense of humour and quick wit. Mr barry crump uses idioms such as “stuck me in” “keeping my head down” and “busted […]

written in 1986 wild pork and watercress by barry crump is the story of ricky baker.Ricky is 12 years and 3 weeks old and is a quarter maori.Told in first person narrative Ricky tells this story with humour. Ricky is a victim of racism and the New Zealand social welfare system.He continues to run away […]

1   a)Because the cows are asleep and not moving and they are shiny like rocks and also black like mos rocks b)simile This is a simile because they used as or they and the effect of this is i see cows curled up sleeping wit water landing on them then dispersing over the cow […]

The poem the islands is about the two islands of new zealand. The poem shows new zealand’s voice when the poet says these fishes which in correct grammar would be these fish and while living in nz if have heard alot of people say fishes instead of fish.The poem also uses english grammar like onomatopoeia […]

Always,in these islands,meeting and parting Shake us,making tremulous the salt rimmed air; Divided and perplexed the sea is waiting, Birds and fishes visit us and disappear   The future and the past stand at our doors, Beggars who for one look of trust will open Worlds that can answer our unknown desires, Entering us like […]